Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been waiting for this day. The day when something would just click in the minds of my little kids, and they would not only understand what I was saying, but be able to respond with the best of their ability.

The day has arrived!! For most of my kids at least. The past two weeks have been awesome, well, speaking wise, not necessarily behavior wise. Seems the more they know how to say, the wilder they are!! But hey, I'll take it.

I'm talking like, full on conversations with my kids. "Teacher, what did you say?" "Tomorrow we will go on a field trip!" " I will not come tomorrow teacher", "why?" "because I will go swimming". It's amazing.

And one of my favorite little girls, who stopped coming mid July, will come back in September!! yayyy!!

That's all for now...

Oh yeah, 22 days!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Holy Hotness!!

So, I just walked 20 minutes back to my house in the blazing sun. It looks like I walked through a sprinkler cause of how sweaty I am. And the Korean people passing me by have not a drop of sweat on them!!! What the heck????

It's a beautifulllll day, but man oh man is it hot!! I'm already not looking forward to next summer here, and it's a year away! Fall is coming, fall is coming....

Not too many updates on this side of the world. Classes are going as normal...we'll have another "open class" in October, where the moms can come and see the progress of their kids (and, lets be honest, judge the teachers as well). It's not like an open house back home, oh no, they come and watch us while we give a lesson that we've rehearsed for about two weeks.

Hoping to go into Seoul this afternoon, it's my oldest friend in Korea Molly's last weekend...she's gonna go to Sevilla for a few days before she gets home. Jealous!!!

Last night a hugggge group of foreigners went out to noraebang...the private kareoke rooms. It was a blassssst. Seriously, I'm never gonna be able to do regular karaeoke again!! (sorry, i have nooo idea how to spell that word!)

Less than one month til the birth of my first niece!! I'm hoping she'll be there when I get home...or at least will make her appearance before I leave on the 25th!!

Hope everyone is doig well, and I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decision's been made...

So, here you have it folks...drum roll pleasee.......

I'll be home September 18 until September 24!!

Then I'll be home December 15 until end of February!!!

Then I'll be back in Korea for another year!!!

And I couldn't be happier about each of these things.

My year has gone so great thus far....may as well add another year onto the resume huh? Plus the money, culture, and job is great. Don't see a down side to the decision!!

Less than six weeks til home!!!