Friday, March 4, 2011

They're baaaaack!!

My little lemons, that is. I was very excited to get my 6 year old class back from last year, and now that I have begun to teach them again, I'm still, very excited.

We've moved from Lemon class to Orange class, and this year will be less focused on coloring and learning the ABCs, and more focused on forming sentences and having conversations. I have 6 out of the 9 students that were there when I left in December, and a new girl, Rachel, who is quiet as a mouse but speaks amazingly well. I can't even imagine what their level will be this time next year! The two slowest students in the class have both since dropped out, and now most of the kids are at almost the same level. And Yulia, the talker, who was still having trouble reading when I left in December, has finally grasped the concept of reading and is able to read nearly a full storybook outloud! I was so proud of her today, gave her two hi fives, and she blushed out of pride for herself :)

So, here are my two favorite pics from the Taylor Swift concert last month!

It was an awesome concert with awesome girls, and probably one of my favorites of all time (although, I haven't been to toooo many concerts....)

And here's me on my first boarding trip!

Again, sorry for my lack of computer skills, and my inability to post pictures the correct way.

And one more from kindergarten graduation!

My Lemons, er, Oranges, getting their certificates of completion of one year at SLP. They didn't graduate, but look how cute they are!

And last weekend I moved into my penhouse suite, complete with full sized bathroom and balcony. I haven't completely finished unpacking yet, but once I do I will be sure to post pictures of my awesome new place. I'm having a housewarming tomorrow with a bunch of friends from church, so I hope my neighbors don't go to bed too early!!

Happy weekend!