Monday, November 1, 2010

Betsy goes hiking ('s true dad, and no there was no boy involved!)

Last weekend...the week before Halloween, a group of girls from my village and I went on a hiking/leaf looking/Korean village stay. It was a blast, and so beautiful! We left late Fri night and drove to Juwonsan park...we stayed parked in the bus for a little til the sun rose, and then walked up a hill, to this...

Gorgous huh?? The colors werent even in full "bloom" yet...but it was soo pretty.

Next, we walked into the park, where we headed off on our 5+ hour walk. It was only about 1 hour uphill, but coming down was possibly even harder!! There were so many people, that at times there were lines to get around and see the waterfalls (not much more than some trickling streams). was beautiful and soo nice to be out walking around.

After our walk, we drove another couple hours to this Korean village, where we got to stay over night in old traditional Korean houses, sleeping on the floors and all. It was a lot of fun, and meeting some of the people really took me back to when I was living in Brazil and was constantly surrounded by other students from different countries...It was a lot of fun.

the next morning we got to see a Korean mask dance, which was...interesting. then we headed back into Seoul. Got into Dongbaek around midnight...and then it was Monday again!! The week flew by, and Fri we had our Halloween party, which was fun and so cute to see all the kids in their costumes. This past weekend was busy also, I joined a friend of mine in Seoul at this international gathering of people...mostly Filipinos, and Koreans, with a few Europeans and Americans...we had a blast out at the clubs all night, and I met some really cool people. They do it every couple weeks, so I'm sure I'll see them all again!!

Can't believe its Nov 6 weeks and I'll be home again, and then its back to Korea!! It feels like I've been here forever...but the individual weeks and months go by sooo fast. I'm glad to be taking advantage of it all...

Happy November 1st everyone!