Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So, I arrived back in Korea on January 18th. My flight came in at 9:30, and I was lucky enough to catch the last bus back to my city. Because I was getting in so late, I stayed the night at my friend Ryan's (aka my soulmate's) house. Let me tell you a little about Ryan...

She arrived last year about 6 weeks after I did. I was thrilled to not be the new teacher anymore, and she and I were pretty much inseperable from there on out. She had lived in Barcelona for a year, the same time I had studied in Spain. She's from near San Francisco, but went to school in San Diego. And she's awesome. And beautiful. She's got beautiful dark skin and hair, and her Irish side also brings out some freckles. She's a very sweet, kind, soft spoken but very opinionated girl.

We worked the same schedules, so we walked to and from school quite a bit, which led to many dinners together on weeknights. After we discovered the nightlife, we could be found out and about often. The first night outside of our city that we had together, we stumbled upon this amazing place called, "Lose Control Clubby Bar". So we ended many of our nights out there, dancing along with the mostly 18-24 year old Korean hip hop crowd. She went to Thailand with Elena and I, along with another girl, and one night, after a few glasses of Cass light, I told her, (and I quote)..."I'm so glad we are friends!! I just feel like we are soulmates!" And I meant every word of it.

After I decided to extend my contract, I knew that it would be hard to be here without Ryan, because, I had only been here a few weeks when she arrived. There are plenty of fun people around to always hang out with, but she was always my "go to" person when I was bored, or sad, or lonely. I expressed my concerns to her, and she assured me that I would get along just fine, because there are lots of cool people in our area. She also assured me that we would have regular skype dates. (Also, when I was unsure what I would be doing this next year, she told me that I was more than welcome to come live at her and her mom's house, because she had two twin beds in her room!! I may still take her up on the offer some day.)

Before I left Korea in December, we had one "last" weekend together, because I actually came back to replace her. Our last weekend was kind of a bust due to some idiot who shall remain nameless (ahem Drew). Anyways, Ryan took me to the bus stop the night before leaving korea, and mid embrace the bus driver honked at me to get on my way. Luckily I was able to skype with her and get a real goodbye once I got to the hostel.

She kept me updated while I was back home on what was happening in Korea...and I was so excited to see her again when I came back in January! It was bitter sweet, because she left just 4 days after I arrived. I took her to the airport, we had one last "soulmate" hug, and I surprisingly didn't start crying til she had gone through the gate.

So now she's gone, but she was right. I am getting along quite well without her...although I do miss her a lot!! And we have skyped at least 4 times, and talk several times a week on facebook. I've made soooo many great, amazing friends during all of my travels, and Ryan is one of the greatest, and most amazing. I take great comfort in knowing that I will see her soon upon my arrival in the US next year, unless she is already in S. America (where I will join her later on).

So cheers to you, Ryan teacher!!! You made my first year in Korea amazing and unforgettable...and I just hope to have half the experiences I did with you in this next year. I will raise my tinto de verano to you, and to our many crazy travel and soulmate stories that are sure to happen in the future!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

In Thailand

If you look hard you can see me in her glasses!

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