Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Well if that doesn't say "Good morning teacher!" I don't know what does.

Have any of you ever been greeted by a small Korean child by having them poke you right in the butt with their hands in the shape of a guy? I have. Several times. It's a common occurance here actually...happened about three times in the past five days. Lovely. "Good morning teacher!" POKE!

Aside from that, classes have started well this week. We've got a good routine going. I still have problems with two students...but I've just gotta deal and not let them take away from teaching the other kids.

Tomorrow I'm going to be going into a part of Seoul to watch a St. Patricks day parade! Haha it will be quite interesting to see what kind of parade they will have for it here in Korea...I never made it to the one in Chicago, so this should be fun!

Next weekend I will be going with two friends to stay the weekend at a Buddhist temple. I'm very excited about it! We'll get to see how the monks live, what they eat, do, etc. Should be a good time.

On March 31st I'm going to see Bob Dylan. Several of us from my school, as well as a guy from another school will be going to see him in Seoul. Looking forward to it!

This week seemed to FLY by. On Sunday evening I was thinking...man, just one more day of the weekend would be nice...the next thing I knew it was Friday!! We had cooking today...made fruit tarts. They were delicious, but it was hard to keep the kids from sticking their fingers in the cream and trying to eat the whole thing before we were finished!! Next week we have a field trip. We're going to see a musical. No, it's not Cinderella, or Beauty and the Beast...it is a Korean musical about....poop. That's right. Poop. I wish I could understand it cause I think it's going to be HILARIOUS...but apparently it is about how pooping is good and everyone does it. Haha I'm sure the kids will love it.

We'll I'm off now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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