Friday, March 19, 2010

Also, if you get a second....

If you have a chance you should check out this This foreigner guy draws comics about the funny things that happen to us while living in Korea!! I'll explain a few...

You have to get used to the constant staring and pointing. I've had little kids ask to take pictures with me, or tug at their moms coats and point to me while whispering something. Old men and women have no shame to walk by and look you up and down.

Busses are crazy. The second you step onto one you have to be prepared to hold on tight. It is not uncommon for the bus to still be moving when the driver opens the door to let you off.

Sometimes people pass you up on the street when they are handing out flyers...they know you won't understand most of it!!

I never realized how good of a mime I make!! I know I"ll be going home with the most insane hand gestures. One of which is to cross your arms into an X when something is more water thanks, sorry we're closed...don't go in there.

The busses and subways are almost always completely silent...and many people will stand right in front of the door looking out, regardless of if they are actually getting off or not. The silent part can be a bit awkward when you are the only person speaking on the bus, in English, and then your friend on the phone says something so funny that you snort and start laughing hysterically. Not that uh, this ever happened to me or anything.

Can't expect to find many "Big and Tall " clothing stores here. Lucky for me, I am short, although I am probably a good twenty pounds heavier than the average korean woman my size. I have pretty good lucky clothes shopping. Jeans are a little tough...but even back in the US!!

Kids are AMAZED with the amount of facial and arm hair some of the male teachers have here. Also if someone has light eyes. The other day I was talking about how I am from the US. One of my students said "No she isn't" The other said, "yes she is!!! Look at eyes!!! Very blue!!!" As if that were the only thing to give away that I am American. I also got told once that my skin was like Edward the Vampire because I am so white. Lucky for me, the whiter the skin here the better.

Just a few for now. The funny things that happen to us as foreigners here are endless. I'm sure I'll have quite a few by the end of the year!

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