Thursday, April 8, 2010

St Patty's, Temple stays, Dylan in Seoul and visits from home!

So, much to fill in on. In my last post I listed several things that were coming up, and I'll recap those.

The poop musical was pretty crappy (hehe). It was literally a bunch of people dancing and singing about in various poop costumes. There was good poop (a nice brown color) and the bad poop (various other shades...use your imaginations. Apparently, the moral of the story was that there are three things you need in life to have good poop. Exercise, healthy food, and your parents' love. The kids absolutely loved it. It was fun for me too just to watch them enjoying and laughing!

St. Patrick's day in Seoul was pretty exciting. We started at an Irish pub for lunch and green beer of course...then went to watch a parade (which we actually missed) but got to see some Irish dancing and get our faces painted and drink Guiness in the street. (okay, I didn't drink Guiness...but I could have if I wanted to. yuck!) We left around 5pm to make it back for a co-workers pot luck dinner. I brought fried chicken...there were a few salads, cous cous, homemade mac and cheese, strawberries, a fried rice dish...and a few other things. Sooo delicous!

Two weekends ago we stayed at a Buddhist temple for a nite. We arrived in the afternoon, changed into our monk wear (kinda scrub looking things), took a tour of the temple (lots of buildings, many filled with Buddah's of varying sizes) then ate dinner. The monks eat pretty much the same thing everyday...a vegan version of bibimbap, which is rice with vegetables, a red pepper paste, and an egg on top, then it is cooked so it is a fried rice dish. But no egg at the temple. We had that for dinner...then breakfast (at 6am)...then again for lunch but there was also some tempura and different rice cakes and curry for lunch too. After dinner the first nite we did some bowing (they bow a ridiculous amount each day) and had some silent meditations. Then we made lotus lanterns (which is now hanging proudly over my bed) and it was off to sleep at 10 pm!! We woke at 3 for a prayer service, took a one hour nap before breakfast at 6 am (we did...I'm pretty sure the monks dont!), after we ate we took another nap, (two naps before 9 am...who does that??!!!) then did some work around the temple. Basically some people chopped wood and others swept the grounds to make them look nice for the visitors that would arrive that day. We had some free time, and then took a nice walk up into the mountains where we meditated for about 20 minutes overlooking the forest with the sound of the creek in the was so serene and relaxing! After that we went back and made Buddhist Beads (108 on a string). Some people bowed after each bead, other strung 10 then bowed, I just strung mine on all in a row, no bowing. Then it was time to head back to was a great experience, very relaxing. I'm going to look into Buddhism more, just because I think it is so interesting. The master monk was the guy leading us around the whole time...was the cutest man with the best smile. It was worth it overall (even considering that I was grumpy the entire next week and had to take naps every day after school!)

On the 31st we saw Bob Dylan...we were all the way in the back, but the show was good. I think all of us were kinda expecting (and hoping) that he would play a lot of his older stuff....but considering he has been making music for a while, he of course played a lot of "newer" stuff. (New to me...cause of course I know classic Bob Dylan!). But we did hear Blowin in the Wind, Rolling stone...Some others that I recognized but couldnt tell you the names of! Ha my brothers would be ashamed of my lack of Bob Dylan knowledge...but it was still a fun time.

So, now here it is, another Thursday night before my last day of work for the week! Another FAST week here...some pass quicker than others. I like working everyday , I don't ever dread going there. I have one class that frusturates the heck outta me. They just graduated from kindergarten in February, so they are still young and they come to SLP every day after elementary school in the morning. So they are wiped by the time they get to me and sometimes it is like talking to brick walls!! Plus we dont have the most interesting of books...grr. But...I'm hoping once they get used to being in school ALLLLL day everyday, they will get better. Poor kids.

K sorry for such a long post...had to fill everything in. Oh yes!! Elena and my cousin DJ are coming to visit in July!!! We will sight see in Seoul for a few days, and then Elena will be going to Thailand with me for my summer vacation!!! I'm starting to plan that trip's gonna be a blast.

Anyone else is welcome to visit as well!!!

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