Monday, February 27, 2012

Graduation Day, Graduation Day!

Well, it's finally arrived. My last day at work/graduation day!! Mixed feelings...sad to leave but happy to be moving on. Yesterday was my last day teaching, and it was a tough one....but just had to share some of my favorite quotes from the day.

Me:"You're going to write goals for the next year, like 'I want to make good friends, or I want to have a nice teacher'".
Andrew: "We already have a nice teacher"

Heather: "Teacher, please don't cry tomorrow. If you cry, then I want to cry" She then puts her head down and sheds a few tears.

Andrew: "Teacher, I really, really miss you"

Me: "You guys are so sweet and smart!"
Sally P: "Teacher we are delicious?!"

It was a good last day. Managed not to cry too much. Charlie took a few pics of me on his phone then sent them to me on his cell. He's six. No big deal.

Love these kids. Love my life.

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