Monday, February 20, 2012

Its all coming back to me now...

So after my last post I went through all the posts for the past two years. It's so funny and nostalgic to go through the things I wrote about my job and students from when I first started. Most of my predictions were right!! My kids have turned into amazing speakers.

This past weekend was a fun and sad one. Had a going away party on sat night with friends from church, and Caroline who just arrived Friday!! We studied in Spain together four years ago and she just started her job today. I was so happy to introduce her to all my awesome friends!!

Sunday I wentto church for the last time and said bye to all the people there. Two guys who I met on my first day in 2010 were there and it was nice to have them with me, as we have hung out quite a bit.

So the goodbyes have begun... It's been hard and I know it will only get harder!! Pray that I make it through please. Hope you all had a nice weekend!!

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