Monday, March 12, 2012

The mighty Jungle

So, after an uber depressing day in PP, I had a nice relaxing day on Thursday. Head breakfast, paid wayyy to much to a cute tuk tuk driver to drive me around the city, and then in the evening met up with Amanda, who I met in Siem Reap, for a boat cruise and some dinner. The next morning, I took a bus to Koh Kong, up in the mountains in mid-Cambodia.

This is where I stayed...

No big deal, right? I met some cool people, made some awesome connections for S. America, and enjoyed an amazing dinner before heading to bed in my own private bungalow, mosquito net included. The next morning I woke up feeling like a princess as I looked out the window at the jungle below.

I had signed up for a trek to the Tatai waterfalls. I knew there were going to be leeches, so that nearly stopped me from going, but I've decided to do one thing every day that scares me, and that was it. Two hours, lots of sweat and LOTS of leeches later, we made it to the falls. (you'd be proud dad, after the first 10 leeches or so I was flicking them off all by myself!)

We spent a good hour or so splashing about, having a few drinks, and eating lunch. we headed back to the lodge around 2 or so, took a quick dip in the river which was amazingly warm and clean, and headed back to our rooms. The other group went kayaking, but I decided to wanted to visit the Tatai village across the river.

All in all, Im so happy I did the trek! It was incredibly rewarding to make it there after the two sweaty, leechy hours. I'd definitely recommend the Rainbow Lodge for anyone heading to Koh Kong, great food, beautiful place, super helpful staff!

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