Monday, March 12, 2012

Tatai Village

After the trek, I took a small boat across the river to visit the local village. I walked down through the rice paddies, ran into some water buffalo, and saw many locals in their homes. Thats my favorite part of vacations, I think, seeing the locals live their daily lives. It was incredible to walk among the small, colorful, houses (many with satellite dishes!) and see the many animals they hae and hear lots of "hellos! and bye byes!"

After about 20 min of walking, I came across a small group of children. Not sure what they were doing, I was invited to take a seat with them. Ironically enough, they were having a small Christian sermon being led by two Korean missionaries! We had a little chat, took some pics, and I went on my way up to the village school.

I saw a few boys playing at the school, talked to the English teacher, and headed down the road a bit to see the pagoda. All the monks were doing their wash, so their robes were hanging out to dry! Walked back to where the boat was coming to pick me up, watched some Khmer boys playing volleyball, and head with Won back to the lodge. Overall, an excellent village trip!

That evening we had another awesome meal, and I packed up to go back to PP. I arrived there yesterday evening, met Amanda again, had lots of fun chatting and eating with some Spanish guys, and went to bed only to get up and leave again this morning. I also ran into my favorite little street boy, who I had bought some bracelets from my second day in PP. Each time we saw each other he'd say, "Hey lady, I know you!" We played some rock scissors paper, he showed me some magic tricks, and took a few pics together. Super sad to see so many street kids, but it was nice meeting him and realizing that although he's trying to work, he's really just a 5 year old boy who wants to play.

It was honestly really sad to say bye to the hostel boys, they were adorable and super friendly, and I'm hoping to get back there some day!

Spent all this morning on a speed boat down the Mekong Delta on my way to Vietnam. Passed through passport check, checked into our floating hotel right on the river, and am currently overlooking the delta! Tomorrow we're going to see a fish farm, and the next day we'll head to the biggest floating market on the delta, before getting to HCM in the evening. Not too sure what I think of the country yet...not nearly as friendly as Cambodia, but it's just day one! Friday I'm off to Phu Quac, for my 3 day beachfront bungalow extravaganza! Can't wait to having nothing more to do than just sit on the beach and read. Weather's spose to be great too, 95+ and sunny!!

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