Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!!

Tomorrow is Teacher's Day here in Korea...and the SLP teachers are going on a field trip of our own! We are going to go explore some caves...not exactly sure what that all entails, but apparently there is a ferry involved. I'll know more tomorrow! It was a hard decision to make, to decide between that and my swing dancing lessons, because I won't be able to go for three weeks! Next weekend I will be going to Busan for the weekend (we have Fri the 21 off for Buddah's bday) then the weekend after that our school director is taking all of us on a weekend hiking trip to a big mountain, and we don't have to pay for any of it!!! Nice-uh....(it's how they say nice here in Korea...add an extra -uh sound to the end of most words!!) And actually the weekend after that my swing dancing class will be taking an overnight trip somewhere near water...don't know many details about that either but there will be lots of dancing and beer involved. Count me in!

So, our supervisor sent a letter home to the parents saying that we wouldn't be accepting gifts for Teacher's Day. Sometimes the gifts are so extravagant that it seems almost like a bribe...for the Lunar New year I got several bath sets, gift certificates, wine and a silk scarf from Paris from various students. However, many parents went ahead and bought things for the teachers anyway. I got five (FIVE) flower arrangements (tiny, cute little things) several single flowers, lots of candy, a bottle of wine, and some cute hankerchiefs. Also, a large chocolate cake that I shared with one of my afternoon classes today. It's nice to be showered with gifts!! And a few kids wrote little notes or drew pictures that are now taped to my wall.

Can't believe it is the middle of May already! Tomorrow marks my five months here in Korea. Sometimes it feels like it's gone sooo quickly, other times I feel like I've been here forever. I'm continuing to love every minute of it though. If I extend my contract I am about a third of the way

Gotta get going to bed early tonight...we leave at 7 am tomorrow, ouch!! Then Sunday I'll be heading into Seoul...there is a big lantern festival going on, and it's supposed to absolutely amazing! I'm sure I'll get some good pictures. Happy Teacher's Day to all my fellow teachers, and happy weekend to everyone else!!

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