Thursday, July 8, 2010

To catch you all up...

sooooo sorry for the delay in posts!! it takes me a while to get motivated to sit down and bear with me here, its gonna be a long one!!

I last left off mid May. The end of May was the celebration of Buddah's bday...we went into Seoul one day for the lantern festival. Basically a huge parade of floats all made from lanterns!! It was absolutely gorgegous...

The next weekend we headed to Busan, a city on the southern coast of Korea. My friend, Ryan's mother Gigi, was here visiting for a few weeks, so she, Ryan, another friend Renee and I took the trip down together. It was beautiful the first day...then rained the whole next two days!! After a mad dash to the ticket counter to board the train on the way there, we were on our way. The first nite we had dinner near the beach, hung out on the sand for awhile, hit a casino (where, strangely enough, only foreigners are allowed to go. Koreans can't gamble). Then us three girls hit the town, getting back to our hotel at six after hanging out on the beach all nite. The next day we headed to a beautiful temple on the rocks, right near the water. It was beautiful and all decked out for Buddah's bday.

Me on the beach

Buddah's rockin' temple

We were having a tough time finding a taxi back, and after waiting around in the rain for about half an hour, a man who spoke very little English offered to drive us (leave his friends!) to a taxi stand. Thanks Han!! Gam sa hap ni da!!

That evening, we ventured in the rain to find a restaurant that we'd been trying desperately to eat at previous two days, but every time we went it was either full or "tired" because of the busy night before. Nothing special, just a mexican place, but we were craving it. We knew of three other locations, so we went out to find them...found one!! But nope, they didn't serve food, but, the man who worked at the one we had visited earlier in the day, recognized us, asked "Do you want tacos?" (trick question????) and told us he was headed to the other location that did serve tacos, and he would drive us there. Our second random ride of the day. Thanks Jerome!! (yes, the Korean's man name was Jerome). We got our taco fixes, then stayed at the bar to dance and watch the awesome fire shows the bartenders put on.

The next morning, after getting in at six again, we went out for some coffee, and headed to the fish market. Basically...what it sounds like. A market full of live fish!! It was pretty interesting, and you can buy live fish there and cook it on the second floor, but none of us were really brave enough to try it. So we got some awesome burgers at the place we went to the first nite, then started our trek back to Dongbaek. It was a short, wet, but awesomely fun trip filled with lots of laughs, rain, good food and coffee. Can't wait to go back at the end of the summer for some beach time!

Im gonna end this one here, then start another about the month of June. Enjoy!

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